Welcome! I'm really glad you made it to my blog! :)

My name is Katharina Sick, I live in Linz (Austria) and I'm a passionate Java and Kotlin developer. On this blog I want to share the things I am learning along the way. I love working on compelling projects to challenge myself and see what I can achieve. Currently my professional focus lies mostly on IoT and backend solutions but in my spare time I'm starting to do some frontend development as well.

Just as all programmers I encountered (and will encounter) numerous problems where I couldn't find a simple solution in a few minutes or hours. And those problems are exactly the ones I enjoy the most. I love to search the web, talk to other developers and to twist my mind. Just to find a solution I'm satisfied with. Further I'm really interested in the workflow of full solutions and how decisions for different languages, frameworks, architectures etc are made.

These solutions, insights and opinions are the main topics I want to share with you. Furthermore, I'm going to talk about technologies, APIs, SDKs and all sorts of things I encounter and like. I hope you find some articles you like and I’d be really happy if my blog helped you to save some time in solving similar issues or triggers interesting discussions. So please feel free to comment, criticize, ask questions or to make a long story short: to share your opinion in the comments.

Last but not least, I want to share some information about myself and how I came to this point:
I evolved my interest in programming during my Bachelor’s degree in Mobile Computing at the UAS Upper Austria in Hagenberg. I’m very interested in new technologies and eager to learn new stuff concerning the field of IT in any way. To extend my knowledge I started to study Human-Centered Computing in Hagenberg alongside my job as an Android Developer. In these studies I focused on Usability and User Experience as well as sensor technology. After a year of studying I changed my profession and became a Java IoT Developer. In this position I developed a strong interest for architecture, performance and nicely testable solutions. What I enjoy most about my profession is that until now no single week passed, where I didn't learn something new or couldn't improve myself. Nevertheless I decided to take a break from work for a year to study graphic and web design starting in February 2020. Besides that I finally want to start some projects I was eager to do since a few years, but never had the time for it. I guess you'll read a lot about these projects in the next months!

Well, but who am I as a person? I’m a curious adventure-lover, a nerd, a sports fan and sometimes a perfectionist. The non-professional me enjoys to travel, to spend some quality time with friends and loves sports, especially Inline Skating.

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